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Waverunner Deluxe Rental

Quick Details

2-Hour Rental
4-Hour Rental
6-Hour Rental
8-Hour Rental

Rent a WaveRunner at Deer Creek Reservoir

WaveRunner Sport

Experience a great cruise around the lake on this machine. Nothing fancy but a lot of fun! We do not allow towing behind.

WaveRunner Deluxe

Brand new machines from Yamaha! Very fast and maneuverable. Fun and easy to drive. They are equipped with neutral and reverse, making it easy to control at slow speeds or around other boats and docks. If you are looking to enhance your Utah WaveRunner experience, this rental is the way to go.

  • Each WaveRunner can hold up to 500 lbs
  • Life jackets included in price
  • Rental location: Deer Creek Island Resort
  • Fuel is NOT included at the Island Resort